Dreamscapes: Experiments in Narrative Symbolism: Featuring the art of Danielle Bensky

7 - 27 April 2022

"When painting, my perception of shapes, space, and rhythm, along with a keen concentration on movement, harmony of colors, and storytelling, has been informed by my extensive experience as a sculptor.  Those elements transform and transcend my private experiences on the path toward a spontaneous metamorphosis of imagery, which often puzzles me, as it might very well the viewer.
My work expresses a fundamental struggle between creation and destruction, questioning and affirmation, commanded by a mysterious energy from the depths of my consciousness."

According to HENRI MALDINEY (1912-2013), eminent French philosopher of aesthetics and depth psychology, there are two main modalities of Meaning: signification de savoir (meaning derived from factual and technical knowledge) and signification de puissance (meaning derived through expressive agency). The second modality, states Maldiney, is the one that applies to artistic forms, especially so when what is being produced is channeled through the Unconscious to vehiculate our deepest emotions and draw to the surface transformative suggestions of desire, fear and longing coming to us in dreams.


Within these DREAMSCAPES by DANIELLE BENSKY, you will encounter both deep and whimsical powers unleashed by her expressive agency in an open-ended search for meaning. The images you will discover through her vibrant paintings and arresting sculptures suggest symbol-laden scenarios of human experience in which those who do the seeing become co-narrators of the seen.